rc.custom mini-HowTo

Adam Dosch

March 6, 2003

General overview of rc.custom script for Fd Linux v3.x-x

1.  Overview

2.  Usage












Here is a general overview of the importance and usage of the rc.custom script, which is a new feature of Fd Linux.  The purpose of the rc.custom script is to provide users with more flexibility on how they can "customize" their bootup processes.

After careful consideration on how to handle the firewall and routing rules that are an intricate part of Fd Linux, it was decided to place them INSIDE the rc.custom script also, again to provide the user with maximal customization of stock filtering rules.

Also note that the executable bit has been set on the script previously during the build process; so it's as simply as adding what commands you want to execute and saving the changes!


To add any type of command set to the rc.custom script, simply do the following:

    (root->fdlinux)% mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

    (root->fdlinux)% e3 /mnt/floppy/scripts/rc.custom

Simpy add the commands you want to execute into the file, or even comment/uncomment/add any filtering or routing rules that you want to, also.

After your editing is complete, type these commands to finish up the process:

    (root->fdlinux)% cd /

    (root->fdlinux)% umount /mnt/floppy

And you're done!



If you feel that anything should be added to this mini-HowTo, please feel free to send me an Inquiry Ticket about it!