iptables mini-HowTo

Adam Dosch

March 6, 2003

General overview of iptables for Fd Linux v3.x-x and above

1.  Overview

2.  Usage

3.  Scripts

4.  Do's and Dont's












Here is a general overview of iptables for Fd Linux.  This will be a very straight-forward, intuitive mini-HowTo, so in essence, you are not going to learn the `ipchains` command in this HowTo, but rather, how it will be implemented under Fd Linux.



Again, to stand with what is stated above, you are not going to be learning the `ipchains` command in this HowTo, so usage is essentially up to you. 

To learn about the `iptables` syntax and general usage, goto the IPTABLES-HOWTO.



This will be a quick overview of the small scripts that will make your `iptables` experience a little bit easier in Fd Linux:

NOTE: All permissions have been set on the script file.

rc.firewall - use e3 and edit this and add whatever firewall rules you want, on the top of the script is an example of what to use, etc. once you are complete with listing your rules, just save and run. 


Do's and Dont's:

After extensive use of `iptables` under Fd Linux, I haven't come across any known issues that inhibit the use of setting up routing and/or filtering rules.



If you feel that anything should be added to this mini-HowTo, please feel free to send me an Inquiry Ticket about it!