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Here is a list of frequently asked questions for the Fd Linux floppy distro's, along with their answers. As development and new embedded distro's roll out, the FAQ will be updated accordingly. If you think of any more questions that would be useful here, fill free to contact me!

Q:  What is Fd Linux?

A:  Fd Linux is a very tiny floppy distribution of Linux, set to fit on one floppy disk.

Q:  What is the sole purpose of the Fd Linux floppy distro?

A:  The sole purpose of Fd Linux is to be able to provide new Linux users with low-end machines very useful set of networking related binaries that could be easily accessed at any time, in which you could use in almost any networked environment.

Q:  What are the minimum system requirements for Fd Linux?

A:  The minimum system requirements for Fd Linux are a 386 with Math Emulation and 8mb of RAM

Q:  Can Fd Linux be used as a firewall and/or router for my network?

A:  Yes, most definitely. Fd Linux comes equipped with all the essential firewalling/routing tools to complete your routing or filtering task.

Q:  Can Fd Linux be used as a rescue disk?

A:  Hell no. Fd Linux is strictly a firewalling/routing floppy distribution.

Q:  Do the Fd Linux floppy distro's have support for PPP?

A:  No they do not.

Q:  I see that Fd Linux floppy distro's have add-on packages. Do these work with all versions of Fd Linux?

A:  The add-on packages that are listed on the Download page ONLY work with Fd Linux versions 3.0-0 and higher. I discovered a bug in the add-on package method of 2.1-0, so those are no longer functional.

Q:  Is it possible to mount IDE/SCSI devices with Fd Linux floppy distro's?

A:  No it is not possible to mount IDE/SCSI devices with Fd Linux. Do to it's specific design as a stand-alone "firewall/router on a disk..." reputation, I find it unnecessary to allow IDE/SCSI support when you don't even need a hard drive to use Fd Linux.
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