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Fd Linux Changelog

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- Version 3.0-0

  • All binaries cross-compiled using uClibc the library set
  • Kernel 2.4.20 migration
  • Busybox 0.60.5 upgrade
  • Multitude of new binaries added from Busybox
  • Complete re-arrange of the rc.network script to incorporate more configuration features.
  • Support for certain 802.11b wireless networking adapters
  • Fixed add-on package design and implementation
  • Added ftp client binaries (ncftp)
  • Added dhcp server/client binaries (udhcp)
  • Added e2fsprogs binaries (mke2fs)
  • Added PCMCIA bus and network card support (pcmcia_cs)
  • Added wireless card configuration tools (wireless_tools)
  • Replaced SSH client with OpenSSH client
  • Replaced ipchains/ipmasqadm with iptables
  • Converted disk image format to 1722kb (1.68mb)

    This particular version was molded around ever changing open source world of the Linux operating system and the new networking technologies associated with 802.11x architecture.  A lot of the new changes made in this version were mostly version upgrades and script rearrangement.  The biggest change was the migration over to the 2.4.x series Linux kernels, and again, as always, the size and arrangement associated with the compressed root filesystem.  Wireless networking support was added and also incorporated into the rc.network script for fast and easy setup.

- Version 2.1-0

  • Again, another restructure of the root filesystem

  • Kernel 2.2.20 upgrade

  • Use the powerful LILO bootloader to boot

  • Automatic save of network settings ON the disk

  • BusyBox 0.60.2 upgrade

  • Ash shell command line editing and history added

  • Newly created if-up and if-down scripts for the NIC

  • Extensive work done on the rc.network script to automate
    the saving of the network settings on the disk.

  • Added the missing rmmod binary (used to unload modules)

    This is some of my BEST work here!  I've got Fd Linux set up now to save whatever settings you enter during the interactive network setup and save it ON the disk now (yes a small filesystem exists on the disk now :-) and in /etc.  So if you have to reboot, you never have to enter the settings again... the script will detect net.conf (the config file the script makes) and load from there!  Plus there's the if-up and if-down scripts to work with the network card if need be.  The last edition was what I mentioned earlier:  the filesystem on the actual disk.  The kernel, network config file and LILO reside on it, just so you know!

- Version 2.0-0

  • Completely redesigned root fs structural format and build
  • Combined root fs and kernel onto ONE disk
  • Kernel 2.2.15 upgrade
  • Busybox 0.60 implementation for root fs binaries
  • Added modular load up functionality for network cards
  • Carefully designed Network Setup script addition
  • Extensive module packages for network cards not supported with-in the Network Setup script, along with Firewall Masq'ing modules
  • Created test add-on packages for:  Perl 5, ipmasqadm, network card modules and links
  • This version of Fd Linux is top notch!  Did a complete make-over on the root fs design, fit both the root fs and kernel onto one disk comfortably and came up with additional add-on packages that will provide more functionality to Fd Linux.  I've also broadened the minimun hardware requirements:  386 with 8 MB RAM

- Version 1.1-1

  • Kernel 2.2.14 with added firewall and ipmasq support
  • Revamped root fs with added system/kernel logging support and firewall tools
  • Added ipchains package for firewall/routing support
  • Fit both telnet and ssh-1 binaries on one root fs
  • Basic kernel and system logging on the root fs now with added binaries for firewalling support (ipchains package and a few simple shell scripts).

- Version 1.0-0

  • Ash shell
  • Kernel 2.2.14
  • Various networking-type related binaries
  • Stripped down generic binaries for basic navigation

    VERY frontend. I had most of the bugs worked out before the release.  It is very basic; split up onto 2 disks:  rootfs and kernel. Common networking binaries: telnet, ssh (which was on separate root fs), ftp, ifconfig, route, links (text browser), e3 (text editor), ping, nslookup and traceroute.


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