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Fd Linux is a very tiny floppy distribution of Linux, set to fit on one floppy disk (kernel and root fs are combined!). All binaries are based on Red Hat.

Fd Linux is my own personal project.  The intent of this floppy distribution was to be able to provide new linux users with low-end machines (e.g. 386) very useful set of networking related binaries that could be easily accessed at any time, in which you could use in almost any networked environment (libraries, colleges, offices, small home LANs, dorm rooms, etc.)

Fd Linux has been optimized, tested and is able to run on as little as a 386 with 8MB of RAM!

There is an immense collection of features embedded into Fd Linux:

  • Built-in firewall support
  • IP-Masquerading
  • Kernel and system-level logging
  • User-friendly network setup scripts
  • ext2 and vfat (Windows) file system support
  • In depth set of module loading binaries
  • Easy-to-use Interactive Network Setup script
  • LILO boot loader integration into boot process
  • Support for various popular Network Interface Cards
  • Wireless support tools for 802.11b wireless card setup
  • Add-on package support for additional utilities
  • Customization of startup scripts for personalized use

For anything you want to do, there's Fd Linux!  So, please feel free to download the latest version and give it a try.

Copyright © Adam Dosch, 2000-2021.