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Continued Development (posted 21-Jun-2007 at 15:42:02)

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted. Lost of changes going on, it'll be quite a thrill to roll out the new beta embedded OS I'm rolling for x86 and ARM (Xscale) embedded platforms! My primary test board and parts includes: Hammond 1598BSGY enclosure, Embedded ARM TS-7200 (with CF slot and onboard flash for kernel storage/boot) and a Matrix Orbital LK204--25-PC serial display. I'm tentatively planning to release the beta OS by the end of the summer (August/September 2007) so stay tuned!

DiskOnChip's arrived! (posted 03-Oct-2006 at 23:12:24)

As I ponder with the idea of getting some hardware from Tri-M, like the mz104, I did score some 48mb DiskOnChips really cheap that I can use in my current development board. So if I can ever get the kids to bed at a decent time, I'll start working on my new x86 embedded OS.

Critical Information: Please Read! (posted 18-Sep-2006 at 23:36:54)

Obviously you can tell by the revamped site that I have decided to take Fd Linux on a different direction. It's been in the works privately behind the scenes to migrate Fd Linux from it's floppy disc state over to a more transferable medium, such as USB key drives, compact flash, DiskOnChip, ect. Floppy disk linux's were cool; but heck, let's face it, not even PC venders ship PC's with floppy drives anymore (unless, that is, you pay an outlandish fee of $40 for one ;-) and since I was deployed, I knew coming back 2 years later it was either let the project die or continue on the embedded development on DiskOnChip and USB key drives I had started before leaving. Right now, I am in the process of purchasing a DiskOnModule, DiskOnChips, some pc/104 embedded hardware modules, and a few other sweet gadgets to continue my development for this project. Hopefully some one finds it of use anyways! On a sad note though, I will not be supporting any of the floppy distrbutions any longers. I will be posting the full source tree and development environment for anyone to spawn off from it (if you're interested in it sooner than my post, send me an email from the Contact page). So stay tuned to the website because there is going to be alot of changes going on!

New Site Launched! (posted 18-Sep-2006 at 23:30:04)

Well, yes! It's good to say I am finally getting around to starting embedded development back up for Fd Linux. After getting settled in with the job, the new house and the new addition to my family, I decided that first thing is first and voila! Here is the new site, hung for you. There are going to be ALOT of new changes coming around. So stay tuned!

Fd Linux IS NOT DEAD! (posted 14-Nov-2005 at 10:34:09)

I made it back from Iraq all and well and I dont plan on going back again! I've been back since March 2005 and I'm been trying to get back in the swing of things. I've decided to take Fd Linux a different route since floppy disks are rather outdated (even when I was in fulltime process of developing Fd Linux). I've decided to make Fd Linux bootable on USB key/pen drives. I've got some site changes coming up, and there will be a custom floppy formatting tool to properly format disks to use v3.0-0. Other than that, ALL future development for the floppy disk version will cease. There will still be limited support for the floppy disk versions, but no more development. Stay tuned!

General News Update (posted 20-Mar-2004 at 09:42:07)

I'm happily stationed in Iraq now. So hopefully I can get some of my computer equipment sent to me so I can work on further releases on my free time. I'm sorry for the delay in version release times, it's kind of hard to dodge a military deployment ;-/ Thanks for everyone's support with Fd Linux and I will try my best to get some releases out while I am here.

Big Update! (posted 01-Dec-2003 at 00:42:01)

Well, to put things on a perspective basis, I have been activated to go serve overseas in Operation: Iraqi Freedom. I have turned the project over to a good friend of mine that will be continuing the development of Fd Linux while I am away. Everything will operate the same, except I wont be doing any of the web/project development anymore along with answering any trouble ticket questions. If you have any quetsions, feel free to submit a comment.

General Update (posted 22-Oct-2003 at 10:07:14)

I'd first off like to say, Fd Linux is STILL alive! I'm currently trying to finish up school this semester, so I'm really pressed for time. However, if you do have problems with any feature of Fd Linux, be sure to drop me a line so I can help you out. Also, on a side note, I am slowly finishing the Console Format Utility that I promised awhile back. Once I release that, hopefully the non-standard formatting errors users are having will simmer down.

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